Carol Kauffman PhD PCC

What I offer:

Executive coaching

Supervision for executive coaches

Coaching consultation

My philosophy:

I believe coaching, supervision and consultation should be both a joy and a challenge. Together we help you raise the bar on yourperformance and being at your best. At the same time we lower the stakes – we are not in control of our destiny, but we are in control of our probablities. Coaching helps capture the myriad of opportunities that stream past each and every day. If you miss one, find the next.

Integration and synthesis are the keys to unlocking a deep understanding of what will work for each person. I pull from diverse and evidence-based approaches from positive psychology to psychoanalytic theory; cultural anthropology to not so basic common sense. If the shoe fits, we’ll wear it.

How I work:

No two coaching or supervision engagements are alike. My strength is working with emergent process and finding the unique brilliance you bring to the table but may not be harnessing effectively. I do not have one set process or procedure,I have dozens. Let’s find the right approach for you.

I wear lots of hats – working one to one as coach, supervisor or consultant is what I do best. Therefore, I work hard to keep time open in my schedule to do what I love. Don’t assume I am too busy to create a space for you.

Sessions are often by phone as half my clients are local, and half are from around the world. We’ll meet in person when possible, and I may even invite you to lunch at the Harvard faculty club (that’s our lobby in the photo)


Read on for details about supervision and one-shot coaching consultations.


Are available, but the real litmus test is talking to me for 30 minutes.

If we click, you’ll say the same kinds of things. If we don’t, I’ll help you find someone.